Monday, May 8, 2017

It's May and Time to Roll

This week begins my serious preparation for the run. I put a lot of thinking into this preparation. What to pack? What goes where on the bike? When will I need this item?  How often will I need this item? Do I even need to bring this?  I also load all the overnight stop locations in my weather app so I know what to put on every morning, I hate to be cold! I pack tributes of those I am riding for that I will carry to the wall. I have stickers and pins to give to the children at the schools. I have Vietnam Commemoration stickers to give to the Vietnam Veterans we visit. It's a lot of thinking that goes into getting ready.

This year, I have added another task that needs careful thought. Every year I have been on the run I spend my nights staying up late blogging. I want to keep readers at home up to date on everything that happens on the run. I make sure to add the emotional parts of the day as well, I guess I am just emotional. This year, I have been asked to be the sit-rep writer for the Southern Route. This is a new job for me and I am a little uneasy about it. The sit-rep includes JUST THE FACTS. In my mind,  just the facts are, well, just so boring! This is going to require an even later bedtime. With this in the back of my mind, I want to do an even better job of packing. I want as many things as possible to be streamlined. It all has caused a great big THINK! 🤔

 On another note: This year's motto is MISSION > SELF which means, Mission greater than self. I love that! On the run we are working collectively towards one common goal. It is this goal that drives the run and remains the focus day in and day out. While on the run we are constantly thinking of the individual, making sure no one is left behind. Yet, the focus is the mission and what is best for the mission. In this day of ME-ME-ME it is a timely motto. I look forward to Ghostrider's leadership and working with him this year, it's gonna be great!

As we embark on this Journey to Washington D.C., we ask for your prayers of good weather and safe travels.

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