Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Riding for Those Who Can't

This string of dog tags are from the Patriot Guard Rides I have been on. They hang in my den in a prominent place, where they are constantly in view. Today as I walked by and thought of the young men that gave their all, it occurred to me that in addition to riding for Ray Burmaster Browne, KIA 1/16/64,  I should ride for the young men whose dog tags hang in my den.

These young men gave their all for me, for us! I thank God everyday for young men willing to sacrifice for freedom. The song "We will not Forget" by Mark Harris is a beautiful tribute that sums up beautifully, why we ride. Because we will never forget the price that was paid for freedom.

by: Mark Harris

On distant shores they fought a war
Though they were just mere boys they stood their ground
They made us proud
Some made it home but some gave all they had to give
They gave their lives for us
They died for us
Hope for a desperate nation
Some call them the greatest generation

We will live for freedom
Never give up on freedom
We will not forget
For they died for freedom
We will not forget

We won't forget the price of freedom
That was sacrificed upon that hill
It echoes still
And may we never be afraid to stand and say in God we trust
Yeah, in God we trust
There's hope for the next generation
Let us rise and make a declaration

We will live for freedom
We will not forget
That you died for freedom
Gave your life for freedom
We will not forget

To thank you for the price you have paid

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