Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Run for the Wall on my own Harley

After the amazing experience I had on Run for the Wall last year and seeing all the women riding their own bikes I decided to come home and give it a try. I first took a rider safety class and suffered through the lines at the DMV to get a motorcycle rating. Then my good husband bought me a used Yamaha which I rode for a few months. Then it was time to graduate to the big leagues and buy a Harley Davidson. I like the blue one :D my husband measured me, measured the bikes and finally chose a bike for me. 

You would think that would be it and I would be able to ride it, but no. It had to be lowered in front and in back. I had to have a custom seat made, that put me an inch and a half closer to the ground. All that was done so I could touch the ground while riding. Don't want to topple over. Then new handle bars so I could sit back in the seat instead of up on the gas tank. And finally the last change was a shorter windshield so I could see over the top of it. Phew, all the changes and upgrades took a long time. 

The one upgrade that shows me how much my husband loves me are the heated handgrips. They are heavenly. I highly recommend them. I feel warm all over with the heated grips.

Finally the bike fits me and I fit the bike and we are ready to ride. I have been practicing every week hoping I have the skills to ride myself on the 2015 Run for the Wall.