Thursday, May 18, 2017


I don't usually write about me and my day but tonight's post has to be an exception because today was FANTASTIC! The weather was perfect, and I mean perfect! Sunny, but not hot, big white fluffy clouds, PERFECT!

A couple things came together today to make it special. Let me explain what it is like riding in a group of 200 plus motorcycles. We ride very close together, very close. It is important for us to stay close because if we don't we can spread out for 10 miles or so. In the quest to stay close but not to crash into each other this thing called "rubber banding" occurs. It's when someone hits their breaks so everyone hits their breaks then you have to speed up to catch up to the bikes that didn't hit their breaks. It is awful, it makes for a tiresome, irritating ride.

The only riders that aren't affected by this rubber banding are the riders that are in the front of the pack. Well today, it was my Platoon's turn to ride at the front of the pack. The only bikes in front of us were the lead element, the route coordinators (the big cheeses) and the support riders. So my platoon was up front. Then my platoon leader comes to me and tells me, he wants me to ride in the Platoon Leader position ALL DAY. Yes folks, all day. I rode up front, all day, setting the pace for my platoon. I could look at the countryside without fear of crashing into the bike in front of me. My hands didn't get sore, from slamming on the breaks and constantly down shifting. We're talking PERFECT!

Another fun thing, my platoon leader is Vic and then there's me as the Assistant Platoon Leader and Jaci and Kathy are tail gunners.
Kathy and my bike at the FRONT of the pack ready to ride out of the Willcox, AZ Elks Lodge. It's not very often two female riders are leading a platoon.

Except for Vic we're an all female platoon leadership. I am having shirts made for us to wear on the last day that say "Vic's Angeles". Shhhhh, don't tell him. Oh, Vic rides a Victory Motorcycle, It's PERFECT!

And the last thing that made today perfect was meeting these ladies that belong to The Daughters of the American Revolution in Arizona. When you belong to DAR, you have instant friends all over the country.

Thanks for sharing my great day with me. I am so blessed to live in this great land and to participate in such great activities.  One quick shout out to my amazing husband that makes it all possible. Who puts up with my crazy antics and ideas. Love you honey ❤️.

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