Monday, May 15, 2017

Santa Ed Receives a Book

The run hasn't even started and I have already shed tears. Let me tell you the story.

Four years ago I went on my first Run for the Wall. I met so many Vietnam Veterans. One in particular touched my heart,  Santa Ed (pictured here). I told him of my plans to write a book about the run. The book was to help ALL veterans heal from the scars of war. I held both of Santa Ed's hands and said, "look into my eyes, I want you to see into my soul and know that I WILL write this book". Santa Ed, became very agitated and said, "that's it, that's it, you can't use my words on me!" Your road name is Eyes. Every since that day, my road name has been Eyes.

Well today, I had the opportunity to present Santa Ed with a copy of the book Run for the Wall - A Journey to the Vietnam Memorial. He cried, and I cried. Yes, it's been a four year project.

It is still my prayer and hope that the book makes it into the hands of every American Veteran, that they can see and feel the love, support and appreciation of the American people.

Another wonderful surprise was when another one
of my favorite Vietnam Veterans came riding into the parking lot.
This is "On the Five" 😂, years ago, he was left waiting on the 5 Freeway for a bunch of his buddies. They didn't show up for hours. Well, the name stuck.

One of the best things about the run is the friendships you make and renew year after year as riders gather from all over the world to once again partake in this Patriotic, Veteran loving, flag waving event.

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