Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sturgis - 2016, Crossing the Continental Divide and Jackalopes

On our way to Sturgis and I thought I would share some of our experiences. And hey, if you're here let us know!

Day 1 - We rode 450 miles from Orange County, CA to Cedar City UT
Day 2 - 520 Miles from Cedar City UT to Rawlins, WY
Day 3 - 370 Miles from Rawlins WY to Sturgis SD

Today was full of new adventures. First let's talk about the damn wind! Oh my gosh I nearly got blown off my bike and into the oncoming traffic. There was a 30 knot (at least) cross wind that came in gusts. Just when you thought you were safe to relax on the hand grips you'd be hit with another gust. Made for a very, very taxing, tiring ride. Oh and then it began to rain. Luckily we had stopped and put on our leather gear. Kept us warm and dry as we pulled into Rapid City and our hotel room.

I must say who ever surveyed the state line between Wyoming and South Dakota used the tree line and the wind. As soon as we crossed into South Dakota there were trees and the wind stopped blowing. I think even the cattle grazing on the South Dakota side were happier.


Here are a few pictures and stories from our day.

We stopped at the visitors center at Independence Rock. I love the history and stories associated with Independence Rock so we stopped to pay our respects to the thousands that crossed the prairies headed west. We were surprised to be greeted by the Christian Motorcycle Association CMA volunteers. They set up an aid station at Independence Rock. Gave our coffee, snacks, water and sent us on our way with a prayer and a blessing. It was very nice to have them greet us and bless us on our journey.

As you know the CMA is our very involved with RFTW. They feed, us pray for us and ride with us. Great organization. I have to remember to join when I get home.

One of the riders with the CMA was a young veteran from Iraq. With a purple heart on his vest. Very nice young man. Always a soft spot in my heart for the vets. Anyway, his bike was one of the most unusual bikes I have ever seen. I didn't see it till we were leaving so I didn't get the story behind it.
Skunk Works, interesting!

We stopped for lunch in Casper, Wyoming at the Plains, Historic Hotel & Trading Post. Interesting place. I learned about Jackalopes. I had no idea they were first discovered in Douglas County, Wyoming. I had to buy a small stuffed one to add to my wild animal collection.

The strangest sight of all at the Plains Trading Post was the women's bathroom. I started to post it to social media but so many captions ran through my mind, I gave up. If you think of one, by all means, share it with us.

Two toilets in one room???

And finally, Crossing the Continental Divide

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